open-source scientific software, devtools, mobile applications, ...

I primarily contribute (or contributed) to (and in some cases maintain) PyBaMM ecosystem, Scikit-HEP/vector (and some surrounding packages), Flux.jl (and some surrounding packages), agda-stdlib, removestar, and osl-incubator/scicookie. My minor (or semi-major?) contributions are scattered all across GitHub (from the Scikit-HEP and Scientific Python ecosystems to Zarr and DeepXDE). I also voluntarily supervise students for programs like GSoC.

Below is a list of projects I am involved with (as a maintainer, member, core-developer, contributor). I do NOT maintain all of the projects listed below. In fact, I am not even a “collaborator” for some of the projects mentioned here, but all of these projects have some significant contributions from me.

GitHub user

Main scientific software

The software I am (or was) involved with as a maintainer, core developer, core contributor, or was funded to work on.

Significant contributions

Significant voluntary contributions or spin-off projects (was not directly funded to work on them but my work expanded and encompassed some of them).

Organization logos = contributions to the entire ecosystem.

Small but nice contributions

Small contributions (not a spam spelling fix in README) that I did spend some time on.

Personal projects

Personal projects that have some significant number stars or downloads (or took a lot of time for me to develop).